AKAAL™ Limited is a company set up by a couple to produce quality garments on the local and international market. The company was registered in the year, 2008 and has since developed in operational existence. The company’s primary goal of producing for the domestic and international market received a boost when it won an award to visit United Kingdom in the year 1998 where more items were produced and sold in the British market.

Since our founding in 1998, we have been driven by our values and ethics. Our most valuable asset has been our loyal, dedicated and growing team of employees and clientele. Our highly motivated retail professionals have built a strong internal culture and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and communities.

Our passion for leadership is evident in everything we do. To deliver on this commitment to quality, we seek out and partner with the world’s premier brands. Our modern, fashion-forward ethos creates a vibrant and creative culture that ensures we never stagnate. The world of fashion retail is ever changing, but we thrive on the challenge of constantly growing and adapting to succeed in this exciting industry.

For elegance, quality, style and value we rival and surpass the very best tailoring houses around the Country.

Over the years the finishing and packaging of items produced from AKAAL™ attracted international organisation like Divas which sent its officials to visit the company and


Everything we make is magic and we follow our processes religiously.


We always sit down with the client to ensure that the design is both desired and relevant to the occassion.

Fabric Selection

Every fabric has its own uniqueness. We select only the best for the right occassion.

Sewing Process

Our team of specialist have the skills nad knowledge needed to give you an absolutely amazing design.


It is our goal to complete projects on time and deliver before it becomes urgent.

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